Our martial arts instructors have a wide variety of martial arts experience as both students and instructors.  As cliche as it may sound, proficiency in martial arts is a journey rather than a destination and our instructors continue on this journey every bit as much as our students.

Chief Instructor Master Norm Carrier

Norm Carrier has studied martial arts for over 30 years.  He holds black belt level ranking in Kosho Ryu Kempo (5th degree) and Yoshitsune Combat Jiu Jitsu, and has spent time studying Shotokan Karate, Escrima/Arnis, and Iaido. Sensei Carrier is among the first people to receive their black belt from UMAA's headmaster Brent J Crisci in the 1980s and has continued as both student and instructor ever since.  Universally known as both a great martial artist and nice guy, Sensei Carrier has trained outside our system with martial arts greats from Bill Wallace, Joe Lewis, and Bruce Juchnik.

Sensei Ned Nadeau working with student Sierra Enman on controlled high kicks

Senior Instructor Sensei Ned Nadeau

Ned Nadeau has studied in the arts just as long as Sensei Carrier, but got his start in the hard-style Goju-Ryu karate.  Sensei Ned hold his 3rd degree black belt in Kosho Ryu Kempo and has also studied Yoshitsune Combat Jiu Jitsu and Iaido.  Sensei Nadeau has also studied several different weapons such as Bo Staff, Nunchaku, Sai, and Knives. 

Sensei Cole Tuininga works with some younger students on kicks and having funInstructor Sensei Cole Tuininga

Cole Tuininga has only recently joined the UMAA family, coming up through the ranks under Sensei Carrier and Sensei Nadeau.  He has attained his 1st degree black belt in Kosho Ryu Kempo and has studied Yoshitsune Combat Jiu Jitsu, and Iaido.  Sensei Tuininga has also taken on the teaching of our Escrima/Arnis curriculum, under the training of Kyoshi Brent J Crisci.