What's a class like?

One question we often get is "What exactly is a class like?"

Here's an overview of how a typical class goes:

Bowing in

Our classes begin by bowing in.  This is a ritual that helps to put one in mind to focus on training, while showing respect to the dojo, the Sensei(s) teaching the class, and to fellow training partners. 

Warming up

After bowing in (and any announcements), class gets going with a warmup.  Warmups generally involve a combination of both cardio and strength exercise.  Students are encouraged to take the warmups to whatever maximum level they are able.  After warmups, students participate in some basic stretching.


The next segment of class covers the basics of the class.  This may be anything from stances, to simple blocking/punching/kicking, to movement and transitions.

Topic of the Day

After this, Sensei will train students based on the topic of the day or week.  The actual material will depend on the class and level of the students participating.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email or call us or come on down to the dojo to talk to us and observe a class!